Prophecies from 1918

A regular feature in early Bethel yearbooks is the “Class Prophecy,” a lighthearted look into the future of graduates. For the 1918 issue, the prophecy for the Commercial Department (the section of Bethel Academy that trained young people for clerical work with courses in bookkeeping, typing, and shorthand) looked mere months into the future to find most of its students serving their country in the Great War:

Photo of the Bethel Academy Commercial Class of 1918

Bethel Academy’s Commercial Class of 1918 – Bethel University Digital Library

Having helped push democracy over the banks of the Rhine
Enoch Johnson will knock off Wilhelm’s old crown

Dave Nordquist, a lieutenant of our dear Uncle Sam,
Our flag on the soil of the Kaiser will plant

Lawrence Juleen the Boches will scare,
A soldier in khaki when he fights “Over There”

We know not yet what Ahlstrand will do,
But suspect he’ll enlist in the flying corps too

Eckman, O Eckman, we do cheer for thee,
A nurse for our sailor boys on the blue sea

Carlberg & Jorgenson farmers they’ll be,
To help feed the Allies that vict’ry we’ll see

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