The Future of This History

Fletcher in Oxford

Fletcher at the Schools of Grammar and History, Bodleian Library, Oxford

If you’ve been wondering why it’s been so quiet here at the Bethel at War project blog… Bethel just finished its first week of class, which kept me occupied, and Fletcher just scarpered off to start his semester abroad.

So what’s the future of this digital history? While we had originally thought that we would take our full site live this fall, we’ve decided to push that launch date back to February 2015. In part, that’s simply an acknowledgment of how much (or, rather, how little) we can reasonably expect to accomplish while I’m teaching at Bethel and Fletcher is studying at Oxford.

But that was an easier acknowledgment to make knowing how much we’ve come to enjoy writing for this blog, which will largely go dark once the actual site is up. Giving ourselves a few extra months to polish the final product also gives us a few extra months to try things out, to explore tangents, to reflect on historiographical and methodological questions, to share tidbits from the archives, and to solicit pre-project comments from readers.

(As always, you can share your thoughts, questions, suggestions, and reminiscences either by commenting on this blog or writing us at

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  1. V. Edward Olson · · Reply

    Paul Nelson, class of 1962, lives here in Arlington Va; he served in the Vietnam war and has been in contact with others who also served.

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