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Lt. August L. Sundvall (d. 1918)

Following Up: Bethel’s First War Casualty

In my one of my first posts for this blog, I briefly shared the story of August L. Sundvall (A ’09), the Marine lieutenant who was killed on the Western Front on April 20, 1918 — making him the first former student from Bethel to die in our century of warfare. In honor of today’s incredibly well-timed football game between Bethel […]

Morgan Hall

A Rivalry Renewed? Bethel and the University of Chicago

We’ve noted a few times here that 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the two events whose intersection gives this project a point of departure: In 1914 the modern age of warfare began with the onset of World War I; also that year, what’s now Bethel University made its permanent home in St. Paul, Minnesota when the Swedish Baptist Theological […]

Lt. August L. Sundvall (d. 1918)

“The First”

The first person connected to Bethel to die in our century of warfare perished on April 20, 1918. Originally from New Richmond, Wisconsin, August Leo Sundvall had attended Bethel Academy early in its history, 1908-1909, when it was located at the intersection of Como and Carter in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood of St. Paul. […]