A Bethel War Memorial?

In the last two years I’ve developed an interest in the history of war commemoration, writing about it from time to time at my personal blog and even keeping — very irregularly — a photoblog on the subject. So as I’ve started to research how Bethel and other colleges and universities here in the Twin Cities experienced the two world wars, I’ve naturally wondered how they’ve commemorated our century of warfare.

I wanted to do some firsthand investigation of that question, so I spent last Monday morning visiting several local campuses. Here’s what I found in the way of war/veterans memorials:

All very interesting (you can read more about Memorial Stadium and the “living memorial” phenomenon at my blog), but it left open this question: Has Bethel ever had a war or veterans memorial?

If there’s such a memorial on campus, I’m not aware of it after more than eleven years in Bethel’s employ. But was there a memorial at the old campus across from the State Fairgrounds? (And commemoration isn’t just centered on inanimate objects… Has Bethel ever had a commemorative ritual — e.g., on Remembrance/Veterans Day?)

You can help us clear this up by leaving a comment below. (Or e-mail us at bethelatwar@gmail.com.)

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  1. […] state’s WWI memorial was demolished in 1992, but you can still find World War I memorials at many colleges and universities in this country. I doubt any American institution of higher learning did more to commemorate WWI […]

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