Our Most Popular Posts

It’s been exactly one month since either of us posted anything to this blog, which seems like as good an excuse as any to check which posts have generated the most interest. In order of page views:

  1. The Evangelical Left and Vietnam (Fletcher Warren)
  2. War on Terror: We Need You! (FW)
  3. Can You Help? A Community Invitation (FW)
  4. Welcome to “Bethel at War” (Chris Gehrz)
  5. WWII on Twin Cities Campuses (CG)
  6. Introductions: Vietnam and the War on Terror (FW)
  7. A Rivalry Renewed? Bethel and the University of Chicago (CG)
  8. Digital History as “Nonargument” and “Preargument” Scholarship (CG)
  9. “Are You Loyal?”: Bethel as an Immigrant School in 1917-18 (CG)
  10. Silence in History: War in Bethel’s Historiography (FW)

Clearly there’s something to the old maxim about quality over quantity: I’ve had to write twice as many posts just to keep pace with Fletcher’s readership.

So all I can is redouble my efforts: look for new posts starting next week, as I resume research into Bethel’s experience of the two world wars.

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